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Come to us for new construction services in Great Barrington or Lanesborough, MA

There's no need to search far and wide for your dream home. Instead, hire LSG Excavation to bring your idea into reality with our new construction services. We create original bathroom builds, kitchen builds and full-home builds in Lanesborough or Great Barrington, MA that match your exact tastes.

First, we'll go through a consultation process with you. Once we're done, we'll draft up plans, prep the site and get started. You'll do a complete walkthrough to approve our work before we hand you the keys.

Build your dream home with our help - call 413-329-6854 today.

Trust our crew for thorough work

We don't hold back when you hire us for new construction services. We can create any kitchen build or bathroom build that you need. Our services involve completing inspections at three different stages in the project. These stages are when:

  • We finish site prep
  • We finish framing, plumbing, electrical and HVAC work
  • We finish adding insulation, finish, trims, drywall and other interior features

Get the home you've always wanted by hiring us today.